$JCP So glad those 20-40 year old minimum wage retail employees working at JCP get to keep their jobs, like those jobs can't be found in every industry let alone retail, every person working at JCP could find another job, look at the crooks who got work there, Jill Soltau, Bill Wafford, and others. Lock your doors Jill...... Now what about those who are dependent on that income Sussberg just wiped out. How about the 100,000+ people who just lose their life savings, pensions, 401k, retirement. We all keep saying similar things, unfair, unjust, liars, crooks, to hopefully make the pain go away. my answer this pain never leaves. The hail mary pass is over I guess, if Patterson get rejected then all the courts people must have been in on the scam Will Patterson come back? Is the Ad Hoc committee going to write one last letter? 401k, IRAs, have no tax advantage, how is that for a double whammy!
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