#JPM22 - Day Three BPC Recap $GBIO $IMGN $EDIT $LVTX $NTLA $MYOV $BLUE $RPTX Day three of the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference is underway. BioPharmCatalyst has tracked the presenters and notable events. Presenting companies 01/12: $AGIO $IMCR $IOVA $IRWD $VCEL $AUTL $GBIO $RUBY $SNDX $BDTX $BHC $IMGN $CLVS $ELEV $IONS $PLRX $RGEN $AGLE $EDIT $IMGS $ALKS $AMRX $NERV Of note: $GBIO $IMGN $EDIT $LVTX $NTLA $MYOV $BLUE $RPTX Tomorrow we are looking at $AUPH among other presentations for some long awaited updates. For additional updates you can always check out https://www.biopharmcatalyst.com/ for a full FDA calendar and other biotech investor resources! Join the BPC Discord now with a #JPM22 channel Click the link or scan below: discord.gg/SVfVMetDpd