$VXRT We all have noticed the poor quality IR/PR work done on Vaxart. The IR/PR for Vaxart is handled by a third party firm called LAZAR our of New York +1 212-867-1762 connect@lazarpartners.com They handle MULTIPLE clients Why are we using these guys? Changing from a crap IR Company is probably as painful as changing underwear. They don't even have vaxart on their website! I thought I would let them know that I care - at these places website: lazarpartners.com/ Twitter: twitter.com/lazarpartners 370 followers Linkedin: linkedin.com/company/lazar-... facebook: facebook.com/login/?next=ht... >> The president of the clown show: Fern Lazar lazarpartners.com/about/ linkedin: linkedin.com/in/fern-lazar-... twitter: twitter.com/lazar_fern - 2 followers >> The clown running VAXARTS program seems to be Andrew Blazier: linked in: linkedin.com/in/andrewblazier twitter: twitter.com/andrewblazier 202 followers facebook : facebook.com/login/?next=ht... This guy should be fired.