$ATHX Continue to pick up shares when under 2.70. it. We will likely see 3.10 within the next week. View my profile or follow for stock alerts. My recent Alerts: MIST - Was 3.38 when I sounded my alert on 7/15. Made a quick exit at 8.50. Still up 147% since. GNCA - 1.90 when first alerted on 7/17. Charts were showing a bullish reversal. Stock also owned by 50% tutes and was not heavily shorted. Long position currently up 155%. CLSK - Alerted to this on 7/6 when price was 2.4. This was a case of a mispriced stock that I believe has huge upside. Company is beginning to experience exponential growth. Up 175%. PT of 10 by December. TYME - Alerted on 7/17 at 1.27. Reversal of bearish trend appears to be imminent. Only 4% up. Trades on low volume. Will need to exercise patience here.
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