i think theres some evidence of a rally up to around june 27th. ive been adding to my $LABU positions. selling the occasional lump as we go up. according to brooke thackeray, bio techs are entering in their seasonal period of strength, and the timing of the equity markets (breadth indicators) look like a tradeable channel upwards. once we hit that seven dollars a share, ill probably sell larger chunks.
@ItalianChef it would be about 5 trading days. approx for the CALL PUT RATIO to go back to a ceiling. once that momentum upwards hits that level, im guessing then a pullback, then a new shorter term high in july. this is my call over put ratio, via stock charts. id also be down with a larger shot upwards too. this is all guessing on current movements. as the days roll on, the information will be parsed, with my crayons, as best as i can.