@FlynancialAnalyst well like everything there an easy way and a hard way easy way is to just look qt equal weight QQQ - thats $QQQE - Apple + MSFT are 23% of the QQQ, and in QQQE just they amount to 2.2% weighting total. Since index contribution is weight *performance this effectively reduces the impact of their contribution. The downside of course it that this methodology changes every other weighting to equal - smaller cos get larger weights, and cos that ostensibly "arent tech" like ($PEP and $COST) both in the QQQ, have reduced weights. the hard way is to keep same component weighting and proportionally increase to if AAPL MSFT just never existed. Thats obv more of a pain in the ass and you could build it in excel / or factset/bbg pretty easily but also...kind of pointless too
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