$XSPA VERY EXCITING TIME. XSPA MAKEN LIFE BETTER. BUT NOW THE FUN BEGINS. WHEN THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT COMES THEY ARE MOVEN THIS TO ALL THERE AIRPORTS WE BECOME A DIFFERENT STOCK. WITHING 13 DAYS THEY HAVE A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT FOR US ABOUT THE near future of xpresscheck. that will be a glorious day. do not play with this stock. it moves fast when it loves. there are to many people watching it. u cant get caught out of the picture go through there press they usually drop nees first thing in the morning. anyway to those who followed my picks for the past month on sundays congrats. everyone one of them doing amazing. most have doubled. I missed last sunday sorry due to family matters. check my posts for sundays if u want the pics. there all still very much in play. and most doubled. first set of pics was 4 sundays ago yourwelcime.
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