@Jabba_Hutt @standingasp @waqxwell @FatherJones @GarbInvestor @Stock__Twists @Parker77 @denseanddumb @pweyland @4Family @AllJackedUp @M_89 @Jamz83 @Uncle_Covid Lol that "Bagginses" guy has been spending 6 hours last night trolling $MNK. At this stage this POS is just for gamblers. If they make their Oct 15th payment and no more hit pieces before ER it might have a chance to go up on mercy of shorts covering. That's about it. If somehow 3 judges can rule on CMS faster than one judge did before ER then that'll be a bonus!! But realistically another Trudeau ER will likely take this to a quarter; especially with no Q&A. Good Luck!