$MINE Everyone including myself is looking for answers from one another within ST's. SUGGESTION.... by email, flood the Investor Relations Dept of Minerco with questions. I have twice so far and did receive one response. 1: Ask for Brokerage Platform news/update of the company & why they haven't updated any news. In all honesty, this is where people look at the company and buy their shares. (The ZM's are nice but aren't helping this stock) 2: Ask about the goofy letter that was circulating and the legitimacy of it as well as the land in Jamaica. 3. Although you will not get much call the Attorney that's listed on the letter and ask it's legitimacy. Most likely you will not get an answer but I guarantee the more people that call, the more obligated they will feel to give some sort of update. Post your responses as will I. Hopefully we get some answers.