$HMBL Brian Foote has retired millions two times. Anyone calling this a scam is Fud. He literally could have walked away with 22 million the first time shares were retired 2 time 100 million shares retired. You disinformation bears don't even understand this. Humbl could have easily IPO and most of use wouldn't even be able to afford getting in on this disruptive play.. So cancel the FUD losers
@midnytemyst @jmachette thats the dumb 💩 coming from humbl hardcore fans. delusional fucks! 1. im not into coins 2. shorts or no shorts, if humbl was a contender, the price should hold but its sliding... for months now!!! imprint 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 in yo head and shove it up yo ahole so you remember....