$SOS the only crypto mining company publicly traded that I’m aware of that will be mining BOTH BTC & ETHER. When people realize that, the $MARA & $RIOT peeps can move profits here. Sos is just getting started, wait until we see PR’s for those computers starting to produce 🤑🤑
@F1100001001 @LuckEtradER for real, try finding any SEC filings for the purchase of those machines (which are required not optional)...also try finding any evidence the company they bought the miners from even exists. All the mining companies in waiting lists to get hold of miners, meanwhile SOS manage to source miners from a company no one has heard of and no one else is buying from. The miners for SOS ordered shipped and delivered in one month! pmsl, do your due diligence. As more and more retail arrive in this space, the more snakes going to be lurking ready to scam your money. Just one look at the SOS website should tell you everything you need to know! Could be wrong but all I see is red flags!