Silver linings? Time to start becoming a financial prepper. $TSLA $SHOP $NIO $MSFT As we stand on the thresh of a new administration, I think there is an extreme likelihood that we will see more stimulus and possibly increased calm. To be fair, I have no idea what form the stim will take right now or whether it will actually stimulate anything. Yes, some people will get a check, but beyond that, we have no idea of how big those checks will be or who will receive them. I do know, however, that sev things will become apparent soon. Lots of cheap $ opens the door for inflationary pressures. Our national debt will begin to rise and, although manageable right now, it can quickly become a prob if int rates rise and the debt-servicing component increases. The Fed will have to address inflation at some point, and that will mean higher rates. It also means more money will be needed in the form of taxes, Last I checked, higher prices, int rates and taxes are never a good combo for an economy.
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