$GTE get this... GTE owns about 240M shares of Petrotal... that stock went up today $0.03.... that is about $7M on a day... or if sold via a private transaction, a juicy $65M. Yes, with an “M”. Basically, GTE can go “short term” debt free by Q4. That will flip the balance sheet to a new level. I don’t know you, but I think this position will go higher and higher and will reward long holders. And, for longs, there is also that little thing called capital gains and the whole not paying certain taxes... which is a nice way to build wealth. But, yes, it takes patience proper DD and conviction to hold even when it went down to $0.49 or less. 🔜✌️5X
@BareMinimumDD You have pumped this scenario now several times but far from posting reality numbers. GTE got 14.9 million for for about 109 million and the market value at the time was 32 million. Their now remaining shares of 137 million would maybe bring in 25 million max. The only way they paid any debt since January was because of that sale and not through operations. When you owe close to 800 million unfortunately that does not flip the balance sheet. A .61 stock with Brent over 73 does not merit the pumping you do daily. Anyway you post is not factual..... stockhouse.com/news/press-r...