@cheppy Bartok Wattaguy has conversations with two very smart people with whom the various individual perspectives are very different in a highly useful way. The perspectives generally are complementary in the sense that nobody agrees on much of anything. Bartok values this threesome, because (a) pairs agree on a few things, but overall (b) nobody agrees on anything, which maps to three nearly entirely different, mutually exclusive perspectives on everything. It's like a Venn Diagram where the intersection of group agreement is small (shown in red in the Venn Diagram). Recently, we all have agreed on something, which specifically is that the response to the Wuhan Coronavirus makes no immediate sense, hence is a fascinating puzzle. According to WHO verified data, in China--a country with population 1.2 billion--there were 80,000 cases of Wuhan Coronavirus, which is a minuscule percentage. In the US, the numbers are equally miniscule.
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