$IBIO I've been curious to start seeing which institutions/funds stayed and which ones left during the spike then drop. This is the only (first) one so far. Looks like they held 23,160 shares at total of $51,000 according to 8/18/2020 filing. So that's an average of $2.2/share. They closed their position sometime between 45 days ago (Mid-August and today). So they rode the spike up then down, then got out at no more than $2.6 sometime within the last 45 days (could be lower or even a deficit). Just goes to prove to those listening to the bears that even the people who do this for a living don't have a crystal ball to time the peaks and dips. If getting an 18% return is your strategy, then go for it. Nothing wrong with that. But don't be talking about how people are stupid for not selling. Some of us are here for more than a meager 18%.
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@Golden444 Looks like a fund portfolio and iBIO was one of 100s of their stocks so yeah, it's an institution lol. Quick math shows they have at least a billion dollars in the market. If you file your shares as an LLC, you'll qualify too I guess. I have more shares than some of those funds/institutions/organizations... whatever you want to call them. It's just a general term. But clearly IBIO was a small position in their portfolio.
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