$GTEH Key team members of GenTech Holdings besides David Lovatt & Leonard Armenta includes: David Jenkins: Detour Bar, Designer Whey, Fizzique Scott James: Sinister Labs, BSN, N.O.Xplode Lisa Feddersen: *Third Party affliation*CEO of Vista Brands, Pushing MPB snacks & Fizzique R.J. Runowski: (DoS at Nxtbar, DoS at Quest nutrition, Sales manager at EAS) Jason Duran & Markus Trillsh (Cellucor, American Metabolix) Flex Lewis: Co-Founder of Sinister Labs. 5x 212lb Mr Olympia Champion Segundo Pla Jr.: MPB Snacks, Master Foods Lab, Gran Paris Bakery Richard Lindeman: (Nxtbar)
@Race_to_a_mil Former owners and founders, yes. They still work under their respective companies as President or an advisor. When Armenta made the acquisitions, it was under the impression that it would have been win-win for both sides. That's how he was able to get 5 companies on board around the same time. There weren't enough cash to purchase those companies outright, especially when GTEH, at the time, was drowning in debt and loans. Compromised were made. Some cash were used to pay for the debt/loans of the acquisition and the diluted shares were extra to compensate the CEOs. But most importantly, the CEOs staying on with their respective companies, they can still expect a salary and stock compensation. A few of them also run other businesses but they are still part of the GTEH umbrella.
@Race_to_a_mil Sorry, I was wrong. After posting this, I had emailed David Lovatt directly to confirm if they are still part of the GTEH umbrella and he says no. I had the impression from both the past interviews & current company status for each CEO (which still shows them as current). I put one & one together and thought this was correct. I'll do better with facts like this. I appreciate you for bringing this up, otherwise I would have continued with this info.