$BB Gamestop and AMC are classic cases of trapped hedge funds struggling. Same thing can be triggered by just one big announcement and the change in retail investors sentiment thereafter. Huge potential of massive squeeze not because of just short covering but mainly due to buying spree by retail investors. JC has strategically orchestred everything for the benefit of shareholders as he is a shareholder too and going to get millions of shares when SP hits 20 and 30. Don't doubt or underestimate his shrewdness as he had been in this kind of war situation with hedge funds before when he was executing Sybase turnaround and that is the reason why he has a trusted investor this time Prem Watsa. computerworld.com/article/2... JC and PW duo and hence we all long term longs will be the ultimate winners. Just hold your shares long and 💪🏼 as #BBto1000. 🤑🤑🤑