@Dinafiam98 @Milly101 @Bcscoatings @Stockwiz2525 And for the freakin record...this whole BS about the only US traded crypto exchange is ridiculously paraded around...when $EQOS came on the market since Q4 last year as JFK SPAC,before Coinbase even filed for an IPO...I was in it. E-Toro...a giant in the crypto-exchange markets, is also coming to market via $FTCV , with operations throught first-world industrialized wealthy nations across Europe and US, operations in over 100 countries and a valuation just $10.8 Billion...I dont see how "Belfrics" can attain a $1BILLION valuation while operating in just a hand-full of less than 10 developing 3rd world countries while E-Toro and Coinbase and $SQ operate worldwide. Overstock $OSTK also operates an exchange. Where do people go on stating "the only US traded crypto-exchange". I'm surprised the SEC hasn't slapped down those silly pump and dump allegations. The crypto-exchange field is already crowded enough...not "waiting to blow". $LCLP