$BCRX Been thinking about Jon's 22 guidance and you can't convince me it is not very conservative. I know that is hard to say...doubling year over year topline is conservative. But follow my logic here. We did $46.6M in Q4. If Q1 is a 30% increase over that we are at $60.6M. That right there puts you on an exit rate of $242.3M. You are at his $250M guidance right there. You run that out with the %'s that I estimated in the graph below and I feel confident we get to over $350M next year and a Q4 22 exit rate of close to $475M. Now bears are going to say NO WAY you post back to back 30% growth quarters. But I will argue that starting last week CVS patients started the transition. We won't get all of those in a full for Q1 because it will depend on when they are up for the switch, but by the end of the quarter the ones we are going to pick up should be with us and we get a full quarter of them in Q2. The CVS news plus all of the other adds will get us there and then some.