$SRNE Sorrento holders have several shots on goal. Pipeline of therapeutics including Covid and Covid rapid testing. Congrats and good luck. DO NOT GET DISTRACTED with this silly pre clinical hamster experiment with $BSGM . Jerry Zeldis left SRNE to go full time at ViralClear a sub of BSGM on whos Board he serves.. They are burning cash and have been unable to advance their anti-viral. They have a ph2 combo trial with remdesivir which just failed in NAIC grade4 cohort- now they are expanding the 40 person trial to target Grade 3 only. BSGM is a med device company with no sales! The SRNE-BSGM preclinical combo is years away and hs zero chance. Stick with SRNE - AVOID BSGM - it is a pump n dump pay. Ran to $11-$12 and lots of bag holders now puking.