$GHSI AI has been at the leading edge of ocular health R&D, AMD specifically, for the past 3 years. Dr. Evans is a machine guy that’d geek out marrying his baby with ML. Favish really “gets” that the future of industry is AI enabled. I think GHSI already built the AI-enabled eco-system & proved it out with the .Org, creating AI that can be “baked-in” to CSV2000, MapCat, Etc. to circumvent HIPAA concerns. It’ll make the diagnosis “at the edge”. We’re in the Wild West times of AI development and this is the best strategy I can conceive of connecting all the dots. Favish & I are similar, storytellers that transfer enthusiasm. He said he didn’t want to play the corporate game (totally agree), and that the play is to build & flip to big guys to grow it. Reading between the lines, I think he wanted to go the distance with GHSI at the helm, but the team opted to flip it and now he’s onto the next AI PLAYS via OracleOne acting as a VC group as he waits for the GHSI PRs and a really big payday.
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