$GHSI Boys & girls...we're entering a very crazy time. This action by Biden might explain the volume & price uptick in HWGB recently. COVID anti-body testing kits are the best way to determine level of immunity/vaccine efficacy. In addition to all the federal workers that will lose their livelihood if they refuse to surrender their bodily autonomy, once the US mandates that the private sector must spend billions on COVID related whatever, it'll turn small companies like HWGB into multi-billion dollar companies overnight as the rest of the world follows suit. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em...Biden needs to print another $1T and give it to Guardion to supply ImmuneSF to every American citizen + any human on US soil ;) So like 400M people. Then the dominos fall. The EU will follow and buy ImmuneSF for their people, then China. BTW - how bout that record low volume today? Lowest volume in Guardion history. Bet you didn't expect to set a new all time low today!