$AMC my thought is I'm already all in. Like everything, two yrs pay, 6 figure wildfire settlement, yr of unemployment, sold my truck and most of my shit and I just rent a house instead of buyin or something...hell I even moved to Oklahoma from California to spend less and buy more lol....I'm all in and have no job or sources of income so I'm already just holding lol..... I use to keep 20-30k to make money swing playing other stuff to add more and live on but that's all in to now since last time we dipped under 36...... I'm gonna live on 0% interest credit cards till we squeeze. Worst case scenario I sell 1000 outta 48k shares I have and that's 40k to live on another yr or so...... I'm not worried yall do what you want but I already bought and I don't think the 300k people here will make a difference if they keep buying or not..... still 3.8 others doin what they want....