$ATOS Bashers paid to help their bosses get in cheap. Nimrods who claim to have done due diligence and argue endlessly, they've been proven wrong every time, with every good stock out there. Makes you wonder why they stick around if they don't own any? There are hundreds of other stocks with far greater immediate potential. You guessed it, they stick around because they are paid to bash. Bashers act like they've worked at ATOS. They make unreliable statements and claim them as fact. We longs make objective arguments based on risk/reward/data/market data. Bashers just bash. It's like listening to Trump tout jobs. Anybody who understands the economy, about 10% of us out there, know that the market is up from companies flush with cash who perform stock and note buybacks. They are not passing any of that money onto their workers. Just look at the types of jobs too. Even retail was barely up during the holidays, and the Pricks just restated downward Oct and Nov jobs.
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