$ACI As I've said before, and NOW a KR analyst agrees with me, Grocery Stocks have ALREADY seen their best days, LAST Quarter......Grocery stocks, especially like $ACI, which is RIDDLED with debt, have NO chance to beat ALL the Competition from the likes of WMT TGT and AMZN.....Grocery store costs are ONLY going UP. Cost of Goods, Cost of Maintaining stores, Cost to Hire Employees, Cost to make the store Covid Compliant, are ALL going up, and with competition INCREASING(ie: WMT's attempt to match AMZN), they won't be able to increase prices fast enough.......Sorry, don't tell me to go to Twitter, don't get mad at me, the facts are, this stock is dead money........You're ONLY hope is a BuyOut, but NOBODY in the Grocery Biz has that kind of cash....Nobody. Sorry, this is a DEAD stock