$BCRX For people trying to avoid the bear market I’m XBI - because I’m also trying to understand and will liquidate a portfolio if I smell blood in the water. But… for XBI… didn’t the bear market already start 10 months ago? With an additional 25% decline upon announcement of rate increases? Making it like double bear? And, if all that is true, wouldnt a rotation into biotech and a reversal possibly be in the cards for 2022? Don’t know when… maybe not till September, but this year? I kinda look at selling now like putting on a life vest the week after your boat sank,
@tillage I think hedge funds are short $XBI (and thus most small cap biotech) until it hits the lower channel of the bolinger bands. It is very close ($95-98 area) ... Once it hits there I expect a slow but steady recovery that will continue for the rest of the year. However, it will be a while (1-3 years) before $XBI hits new all-time highs. Just reading the tea leaves here ... $BCRX $SELB $LPTX