$OCGN on another note (This is for real no joke) went to a site today (plumbing company one guy u was looking for (he went to Home Depot) for a part. FYI union job/ stay with me another worker comes up to me and says John Doe been taking copper out of the building that are being renovated FYI ok no one cares extra cash right. Stay with me. This guy was buying copper with my credit card supposedly for a job and scrapping SCRAPPING THE COPPER not returning it for 100% profit scrapping it for pennies on the dollar. FIRED AND CAUGJT HIM AT THE SCRAP YARD 🤦‍♂️90k a year job lost for 60$ spare cash WTF. YOU CANT MAKE THIS STUFF UP. ANYWAY BULLISH AF ON OCUGEN. SEE YALL IN THE MORNING
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