$BTC.X As a long-term cryptosceptic, I am ashamed to say that I become a believer only recently. Don't get me wrong. There is enormous risk here. And most coins are complete horseshit. But the concept behind BTC is ingenious. Halving rewards every 4 years, so as to keep the price up. People competing to mine. A max supply. Gold is obviously cool, for it it natural and has many applications in science (it is also shiny...and who doesn't like shiny things)... But BTC is pretty damn cool if you think about it. Market is open 24/7. You can have Mona Lisa, etc., but not everyone wants that. But BTC is finite and bound to appreciate after every halving. It really is ingenious. While it is not as scarce as something as the Mona Lisa, it has more universal appeal. It is a store of value. The Mona Lisa could get destroyed... BTC seems pretty dope, no? Unfair to write it off as a mere coin. Not easy to mine. Plus some places accept it as payments. Not like you can buy a burger with gold.