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      Roberto Pedone
      Trendfollower trader (independent), senior contributor for & Chart reading junkie. Pattern recognition chart player. Day/swing trader. Love small caps. Give me a catalyst! Follow me on TWITTER for all posts @zerosum24
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      Patrick Bateman
      I'm focused primarily on undervalued Bio stocks trading @ <$10 with promising pipelines & novel therapies. My strategy employs obsessively thorough DD which helps me stay above the noise of the Street. PS: Did you know that I'm utterly insane?
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      I do what most people do in this city, trade. I love every aspect of it, the ups and downs. I've met more fascinating people in this field than any other, and truly love analyzing every aspect of a business.
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      Full time Day Trader after 14 year career in pharmaceutical development. Biotech investor, long term fundamentals investor and short term technicals swing trader
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      Jamba Dog
      An amateur trader on and off for 13 years, striving to make profits while holding down a regular day job. The most important lessons I've learned are to resist emotional impulses to trade and to know when to sit out.
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      StockTwits Official Account
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      Tweet Every Trade
      App that automatically publishes every stock trade to Twitter
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      Howard Lindzon Official Account
      Co-Founder and Chairman of Stocktwits, Founder of Wallstrip (Acquired by CBS); Managing Member of Social Leverage (an early stage fund) ...I have lots of ideas. Toronto boy.