$PULM Btw, for those who question the sky-high projection of possible price target ($20 - $40 range), don't forget you are dealing with biotech. Here is an example. IBIO was trading at an average of 30 cents in February. And then in a span of two days, the price shot up to the high of $3.40 (Feb 27 - 28). The jump was due to the "possibility" of IBIO getting into the COVID-19 vaccine space. IF (a big IF) Pulmatrix releases PR that it will be involved in COVID-19, either for treatment or vaccine development, what do you think will happen? That is why it is important to do your own DD. Don't just take other people's words for it. Research and analyze the DD being shared here. And then decided on your own. If you do that, you will have enough conviction to hold tight. The weaker hands who sell quickly are usually the ones who bought based on somebody's tips. Know what you own. My own analysis says the stars are aligning for iSPERSE, so I'm holding. In my opinion, of course.
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@zzxyz sure....but with $PULM you need to get used to lack of IR communication. I have been following for 3 to 4 years and they never release information for a short-term pump in stock price. The short-term stock price is of no interest to them, in building a long-term return with a high, but sustainable market cap. There were quite a lot of clues in one of the latest 8-K's.........pipeline and current standing and the leadership has never been better for pulmatrix.