$AFMD Holy crap. I found the full, final AFM26=RO7297089 protocol in a PDF. 145 pages. Also a 32 pages one named "Training": * Treatment landscape for multiple myeloma * Anti-BCMA/CD16A NK cell engager RO7297089 (BPCT2605S) for multiple myeloma * AFM13 (aCD30/CD16A): Clinical Proof of Concept * BCMA (B-cell Maturation Antigen) * In vitro cytotoxicity of RO7297089 (BPCT2605S) is comparable to daratumumab * Preclinical data from RO7297089 (BPCT2605S) suggests limited safety liabilities * RO7297089 (BPCT2605S) can potentially address unmet need in daratumumab refractory patients * Phase I Study: Overall Schema (DRAFT) * Objectives * Study Population * Inclusion Criteria, cont, cont, cont * Exclusion Criteria, cont, cont, cont, cont * Dosing Schedule * Dose Escalation (cont)