$ZM FYI: Zoom price to sales is 113.3x. This means that if you have gross sales - gross sales - of $100k, you could sell your company for $11,330,000. $100k in gross sales. Sell your company for $11.3 million. Here are the PS ratios of the other high-flyers. Note - ZM is in an absurd world of its own. Zoom: 113.33x Tesla: 16.27x Amazon: 5.2x Salesforce: 12.1x Peloton: 21.6x Wayfair: 2.48x Docusign: 38.26 Datadog: 71.48x Fastly: 38.21x Etsy: 15.99x Nvidia: 26.39x Twilio: 34.85x Apple: 7.54x Roku: 20.94x Atlassian: 29.33x Shopify: 62.92x Netflix: 10.56x Wix: 18.48x
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