🍺 WATCHLIST💰 $BA - still currently downtrend. Broke back below $212 support now watching to see if it continues to act as resistance. $210 level has been holding as support a break there and next level is $204-205 $ZM - still looks like a bearish retrace, resistance here around $305-$306. Still could creep up some but Imo we challenge the $288 support again. PT $275 over the next month $AAPL - spoke last week how it liked to selloff when it touches that daily upper TL. I would expect this to retrace some considering how hard it sold off back to around $153 before continuing lower over the next month or two $UPS - continues to channel between $188-199, waiting for a break of the $188 level for a gap fill back to $181. Break of $199 look for a retest of daily upper TL around $210