$LODE Wow.. great day. Wish Cash would have rode this. Kenny, PHX85, ALee, Methodical, My man NOT MY Real( brotha from another mother), Jas MF Yoda Mall, Atom ❀, GTigers, Buc ,Mitch, Ronit, Mighty Q, Dropping Fing Lodes!, Make a damn Million πŸ€‘, Trim MFing T!, Moofy , Crash, Kerm , KCB , Beetle, πŸ’Ž Trades , Liberty and my spirit animal JP that disappeared. . AND you Bubbles! Im forgetting some but damnnnnn . Keep swinging . We crazy and delusional till we not. And thanks Corrado and team. Just the start..Whiskey got me alittle but happy for all you patient Kats. Now let's see how it shakes
@KcBme @Cheesetoast I'm definitely down for a drink in 5 years! In the meantime I have a lot of work to do. I need to examine the new valuation in order to calculate book value but my rough estimate is in the neighborhood of 20 per share. If Elon Musk even mutters the word Comstock you can add a 0 to that 20.