$LODE Wow.. great day. Wish Cash would have rode this. Kenny, PHX85, ALee, Methodical, My man NOT MY Real( brotha from another mother), Jas MF Yoda Mall, Atom ❀, GTigers, Buc ,Mitch, Ronit, Mighty Q, Dropping Fing Lodes!, Make a damn Million πŸ€‘, Trim MFing T!, Moofy , Crash, Kerm , KCB , Beetle, πŸ’Ž Trades , Liberty and my spirit animal JP that disappeared. . AND you Bubbles! Im forgetting some but damnnnnn . Keep swinging . We crazy and delusional till we not. And thanks Corrado and team. Just the start..Whiskey got me alittle but happy for all you patient Kats. Now let's see how it shakes