$OCGN @Hendo111 @FWM23 @Muffet49 @Supersportsmom4 @Greenbat @JustTrading19 @dougs922 @STOCKED55 @SGHolding @Scouser71 HEY FAM : Okay how do I explain this, My legs destroyed, From Blood Clots, To DVT, Now DVR, Deep Vein Reflux, They want to do 6 more procedures on it for Deep Vein Reflux with no guarantee that it will help The pain, but they say Usually, 😂 The really shitty part is they now have found reflux in the other leg, but only one spot, I’m ready to cut the dam thing off, Not sure insurance will even cover the 6 procedures, No time frame to end of treatment, They’d not give me a time frame, So pretty much up in the air at this point what’s going to happen, When this all started a doctor told me it only progresses, It never goes in reverse, I would only hope that if I am to lose both my lower legs they be smart enough to take the one now so I can continue to live my normal life, and not have to learn to walk on two artificial lower limbs at once