Thank you so much for that detailed response ... where do you see this stock in 6 months ? Curious
@Benfica88 so I don’t believe there is a catalyst but I don’t think they need 1. They own a ton of land in OR and CO. The business model is to lease their land (plus equipment) to people who want to grow large scale pot but don’t own acres and acres of bare land. I live in Oregon FUTL bought over 300 acres 2hrs south of me in 2016. There’s a huge market for what they offer out here. Now that it’s legal, everyone wants to grow it but if you live in the city, you don’t have the space. Per state law you can only grow up to 4 plants her household at a time. FUTL solves that problem. I see this being a huge opportunity for dispensaries that want to grow their own herb. It’s legal here; there’s no reason to outsource it. They’re paying more for it. But obv it takes a ton of capital to buy the land to grow. They don’t grow or sell pot. Strictly in the real estate business.
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