$SOS Folks, 16+ at open tomorrow ... then higher to 20+ in the day. Either Friday or Monday next week 20+ on its way to 30... couple of weeks holding gets this in the ranks of $RIOT and $MARA around 40+ ... is my understanding.
@rcast569 There is no reason the company doesn't even mine anything yet. On top of that there whole operation is murky. They give no specifics on what units they ordered, how much power they will use, or there hash rate. The entire thing is sketch city to me. MARA and RIOT openly disclose all of this kind of stuff.
@mau5073 @rcast569 clearly you need to shut your yap before you get reported for spreading false info. their operation is a couple weeks old, mara dropped hydro PR and also their coal plant PR in plainspeak about 250% ago. did you freak out then?
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