$NRXP the sentiment in this dashboard has turned more and more into negative ones, although I banned some spammers who write unfounded and unsophisticated comments. Apparently we have now slowly reached a point where it hurts many small investors and got great doubts or put an end to it with real losses. At the same time, new names appear here that only make everything bad as if you had eaten wisdom with a spoon. It is regrettable that the constructive exchange of information and discussions about the company and its products have begun to trickle away. Anyone who believed that one can only win on the stock market and that quickly and a lot is either a very lucky guy or a naive beginner. - Especially at start up biotech. Personally, I will keep my 2,100 shares because so far I have a positive view of the company's potential, and your crap has not yet convinced me otherwise. everyone makes their own decision, no one is forced. Maybe I'm wrong, but maybe I'm right. Future shows.