$GME Premarket news increased volume and volatility. Will be picked up on stock scanners everywhere especially when the overall markets look like they're in the red today. On the Weekly the Cup & Handle that has already broken out and retested the breakout may continue on its way to the prelim target of $25.40 (not today though). On the Daily, the newer steeper Trendline will be confirmed if we close way above it (higher than $18.00). We have bounced off the 18 SMA (blue line). RSI indicators usually is oversold in a bull market when it hits 80 (red line) and there is room to move. On the 1hour charts, premarket we hit the Falling Wedge target but usually gets another chance intraday. The bearish Death cross is a few hours away from becoming a Golden cross if our price action remains above it. Intraday traders wet dream today, hold on to your butts. Goodluck
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