$BBIG we needa gang bang this post and share with everyone so they know why to expect. Bottom line: - this will break $20 (that will be the lowest possible gain) - FREE shares with TYDE (Emmersive spin off) if you have shares in BBIG by October 15th when the shares will be distributed. - options expire on the 10th and 17th - Lomotif ownership with merger is 80% (4 billion). Our current market share has floated around $400 - $800 million. With the merger we’ll be in a + 4 billion. This will cause the price per share to rocket with Reddit folks… add them to the mix… icing on the cake. Check this link out, which I’ve posted on Reddit to share with the community. Gang bang this post and share with everyone!!! EVERYONE needs to know this!!! reddit.com/r/BBIG/comments/...