$GBR lol how many times has this dipped into the $4,s giving u a great opportunity to load big and u pick your nose? Hands up out there how many people are guilty of being their own worst enemy when it comes to growing your wealth by standing in your own way and not jumping at opportunity because you are too cautious? Remember to be profitable in the market you have to be able to pull the trigger without fear so what if u miss perfect entry nobody gets perfect entry everytime but the only thing worse then buying a little to early is watching a stock u knew was going to be big running without u and only having the choice to miss it or chase it. Remember $GBR isn’t an oil play it’s much bigger it’s 20,000 acres of the rarest mineral rights in the United States. Shorts have zero clue and are trapped.next/ up $CFRX it’s only a matter of time before contrafect $CFRX is up over $6 on its way to $10 mark my words. Will u miss that aswell?