$RAD ok onto more important issues. @blazzyz thinks a man should shave their armpits, gooch, legs and above the tube steak. Now as a real man, like the caveman type, this just doesn't work for me. We don't shave, we don't bathe and we sure as hell don't wear skinny jeans. I think it's time to cancel culture Blazzy . Ps RAD sucks. 🦁🦁😂🐯🦁
@BlazzyZ @inevercomment all I hear are excuses from a beta bitch. Go write your bids chump. Seriously, when was the last time you beat someone up? We know the last time you got beat up it was with a golf club, but seriously beta hoe, I would flip you for real and make you call me uncle. Your problem is you think you're in a competition with me, but I just don't care. I got what I need outta life. You'd suck a dick to be me for one day. Also sad someone 8 years older than you still looks like a model and fights like mike Tyson. Women swoon over me. Might be my perfectly chiseled body, beautiful hair, gift of gab or money, but I just be fuckin them hoes because if I didn't have those things, they wouldn't talk to me. I know how the world works son. Now get over me and become your own man. Stop living in my shadow, and your shadow quip was