$EDXC I got a few questions that Todd or someone should be able to answer. Where is the product manufactured? Where is it packaged for retail? Has anyone seen any photos at all of their manufacturing plant? Or just that google Maps photo of the address? How about a video tour of the plant? The business office and staff ? Number of employees? CEO compensation? Sales Rep or distribution logistics? How about some videos and fireside chat to give investors the warm and fuzzies instead of some pump turd like Fully. I mean any legit bidness should be able to step out and take some video of the operations, address of the manufacturing plant and packaging facility. Or is it all in the building on google maps? How about something tangible and not this crap Fully keeps slinging at us? If you can't even do that you damn sure can't run a friggin bidness. NUFF said!!! If you can't do that, You are a friggin scam!!!