$TSLA Dojo! What’s Dojo?! It’s Tesla FSD program consists of Software & Hardware (Tesla Chip) Common mistake ppl think Tesla is only learning when AP is engaged and collect miles driven on AP only!! Incorrect ! Tesla is learning from every mile driven by Tesla owner on AP or not on AP since AP Software is in a shadow mode (watching ) and learn from you how you drive your car ! New Chip has indeed 2chips one run the current Software version and the other one runs the updated one after downloading then both able to compare (Parallel) n learn every time you turn your wheel! no one knows the miles driven by Tesla cars (confidential) ..Tesla innovations about to blow everyone’s minds and set new Standards in FSD (Hardware 4) helping Regulators in establishing these standards ..each Tesla is a sleeping Robot waiting to be switched on !! Soon .. very soon ! (Tesla AP Team-source) What’s Dojo?! A powerful NeuroNetwork Computer learning - quantum computing 🙏🏻
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