$TSLA 👉Institutions/Mutual Funds Holdings up in the past 3mons to ~54% a good sign of healthy interest in a healthy security ! 👉15% of total outstanding shares is about 150M index funds of S&P500 have the OK to add between now till 12/21 then after will be an obligation to meet requirement ! 👉The fluctuation in SP today is very typical so don’t be fooled as this will be up-trending ☝️but not in a straight line .. (mutual funds cap requirements/Algo) 👉Retail investors ~10% while short interest ~5.5% so don’t hate shorts 🩳 they don’t have much power like they had before .. 👉Citadel (Liquidity provider) ~6% also play role in fluctuations! The math is clear and the push is near so be patient plz n hold on to your shares ..it’ll be worthwhile that I can tell you ! 0.02 🙏🏻
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