@BigWaveTrading hello, I’m new to this really I’m not working and have a little bit of money can you help me. How much can I make in a week with you just looking for short term trades really. Thanks
@Scott44444 I can help you, for sure. I am not sure how much money you can personally make because everyone's trading talent/skill and risk tolerance is different. It is also 100% dependent on the market condition and the stocks in play on any given day. This is not a symmetrical and linear playing field. It is dynamic and asymmetrical. Also I am not sure what your definition of short-term is? What if the longer-term trade ideas do better than the short-term ideas? Does that mean that we still ignore them due to them not being short-term? As you can see there are a lot of questions and moving parts that are not simple to answer without knowing everything about your personality and financial situation. Can you make money with my trade ideas? Yes. How much can you make? There is no way to rationally or logically know without knowing who you are. Everyone is different.