@BigWaveTrading Hello, I am not finding the daily posts helpful and have not been able to make any money on them. I was wondering if you had any more of hands on training or guidance? My name is Jeon and my e-mail is jeondesigns@gmail.com or phone number 713-377-6636. Thank you!
@Jeonboss I am very sorry to hear this. The stock market is geometrical and not linear. The StockTwits room is an introductory level and is the lowest most economically affordable package I offer. However, if you are brand new to trading it will still be too advanced for most new traders. Feel free to ask questions. I offer real educational and professional services at bigwavetrading.com/. As for not making money. That is a direct function of the overall market. I assume you are a new member. If you look at the sell signals you will clearly see there have been a TON of big winners. Just not right now. The stock market is trending down. Not up. It is geometrical. Not linear. Our time frame has shifted to intraday currently where we have been focused on SPY Calls/Puts and stocks like $NURO. We also modulate size depending on market environment and control risk at all cost. If you are not experienced in the market you will not know this unless you are at least a Gold member. (1/2).