$BNTX I think there are three reason for today’s dips: First PFE earning call show $26B revenue, which indicates 7B operating profits for BNTX. This May below someone’s expectations. Secondly, market down, panic selling leads to profits taking ; Third, stop loss trigger. For the first reason, PFE has history of hiding the profit. They really plan to beat the expectations. So I would expect they raise $26b sale in future . Right now $26B sale based on 1.6B dose , actually capacity is 3B. I would expect at least 75% of these will be sold. Second , even there is obviously profit taking , but the volume is big, buying power still exist, faster reconciliation is better. Third , I would be very careful about the price movement after ER in May 10th, which is my birthday. Wish I have a good Birthday gift from BNTX . Last , just keep in mind COVID is providing cash to company. Company May cure the canner by adopting this technology.