$BLIN are you still holding $ELTK and $RHE ?
$BLIN well folks today’s recap: cpah started the day with a 50% return on investment from my alert only a week ago, vive hit 35% on big news from my previous alert, life up 7% from my alert days ago and climbing, ino up 30% since my Sunday rant on people being sheep and selling it. Was 3.05 now 3.99, ibio in same rant pushing higher today, bpth up nicley from alert two days ago,spce now pushing 150% gain from my long hold retirement account alert , ktov up 8% since alert days ago , crestco labs climbing up today with far more to come, and last but certainly not least blin beats earnings and gets a nice run. Once penny flippers are out of the way folks will realize what a massive forward guidance that was and no dilution risk and they will be chasing this at 2.50-3.50 for a run over 5. Congratulations everyone you could have easily sold on boredom or frustration or panic and u held strong and your bank account is pleased!. Have a great night see you all tomorrow 🤝
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